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Microsoft 365 Email & Messaging

Microsoft 365 Email & Messaging

In many businesses email is still the number one application used to collaborate between teams and people both inside and outside of an organisation. Sharing and managing corporate information can be difficult to manage and maintain.

MCS believes there are four main messaging challenges within organisations today. Our services are designed to help you answer the following questions:

  • Communication Overload: With new web services such as Twitter, Yammer & Facebook how do you ensure that your staff are being productive whilst getting the most out of these social networks?
  • Globally distributed customers and partners: How do you work efficiently with customers and partners on different contents and how do you schedule emails?
  • Increasing security and compliance requirements:  It’s currently estimated that SPAM email makes up over 78 of all email sent, how to do you ensure that your organisation has safeguards in place to protect your staff? How do you ensure that no corporate information leaves your email system? How do you ensure that emails that are sent only go to their indented recipient?
  • High cost of communications: As travel costs get higher and higher, how can your business ensure that physical location and travel don’t have a high impact on your organisation?Disaster Recovery & Availability – Email is still one of the most important applications within most environments and ensuring it’s constant availability is a high priority for IT.

In this day and age of always on messaging infrastructure it’s important to utilise your messaging platform to its full extent, MCS have worked with many organisations to ensure that their email platform is not just another application to manage but helps to enable their business further.

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