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Microsoft Cloud Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Managed Services from MCS are a complete set of solutions which are tailored to meet the Disaster Recovery objectives of organisations of all sizes and complexities. MCS works with clients to ensure that an organisation’s Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) are met on an on-going basis – not just on the day in which the DR Plan is published.


Today there are recovery and availability solutions available that enable an organization to minimise revenue loss in the event of service interruption by recovering key applications and systems extremely quickly. This protects businesses from both physical failure and logical data corruption, while minimizing data loss. MCS has experience with a wide range of best practice solutions that are selected and combined to fit the client’s individual needs and objectives.


In order to keep a client’s Disaster Recovery plan up-to-date, MCS carry out on-going maintenance in several areas:

  1. Contact information – employees, suppliers, service providers and customer information needs to remain up-to-date in order to effectively evoke a DR plan.
  2. Hardware configuration –any changes in hardware configuration needs to be assessed in order to ascertain the knock-on effects to the DR plan and that any changes are documented.
  3. Data back-up and restore methods – IT environments and the amount of information stored is growing rapidly for most organisations, and therefore the size and scale of any data back-up and restore methods needs to grow to remain fit-for-purpose.
  4. New systems or applications – when changing, updating or rolling out new systems and applications, the DR plan needs to be updated in order to reflect the new IT estate. This is particularly important if the new systems or applications are considered to be business-critical.


MCS works with clients to deliver a schedule of regular tests which is appropriate to a client’s RTO and RPO objectives – these tests can range from simple audits of IT estates to full failover testing and mock DR evocation. The test results are presented back to the client in the form of a ‘Get-Well Plan’ with recommendations of any changes or improvements required to the IT infrastructure.

Technology Expertise

MCS has partnership agreements in place with many of the market-leading global technology companies and can leverage these relationships in order to bring enterprise-class solutions to clients based in offshore jurisdictions. MCS are exclusively staffed with Senior Consultants so our clients can rest assured that advice and services are delivered by experienced and certified staff.

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