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Managed Cyber Security as a Service (MCSaaS)

Managed Cyber Security as a Service (MCSaaS)

This is a summary of our enterprise grade Cyber Security Services that MCS launched in recent years with our sister Company Partners DigitalEra Group, in Cayman and the English-speaking Caribbean.  The services are an add-on to compliment MCS Outsourced IT Premium Managed Services.

Please bear in mind that these services do not require your business to outlay any capital for software or hardware purchases or hire any specialized full time professional resources internally! Deployment is done by our teams at no cost to you.  Everything is included and provided for in these Cyber Security services. This optimizes efficiencies and creates cost savings while bringing top tier enterprise Managed Cyber-Security Services to businesses in the English-speaking Caribbean and beyond.

Most importantly these services allow any regulated organization to comply with CIMA (Cayman Islands) published Cyber regulations based on NIST and other Enterprise Cyber Security protocols.

Cyber Intrusion, Ransomware and a plethora of other harmful digital activities have become big business for bad actors in recent years and months.

In 2020, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) launched a tranche of rules centered around CYBER Security services that are mandated for Regulated Entities in the Cayman Islands. Even non-regulated companies are opting to receive these Security Services from MCS-DigitalEra, given that the heightened security protocols produced by the outcomes, greatly reduce the business risk of being breached. Everyone cares about this in business today.

Cyber Security services are quite involved and require very specialized skillsets.  That is why MCS is partnered with DigitalEra and deployed a team of highly skilled and experienced certified Cyber Security Experts that understand and specialize in exactly what CIMA has mandated plus additional layers of protection.   
Focused on and around the NIST and other enterprise security control protocols – our teams from MCS/DigitalEra now provide a menu of Cyber Services locally that are customized and scaled up or down to suit any budget, business requirement and risk profile. 

Our menu of Managed Cyber-Security Services is summarized as follows:

  • Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)
  • Vulnerability Remediation as a service (RMaaS)
  • End-Point Managed Detection and Response with 24/7/365 Monitoring, Detection and Alerting (MDRaaS)
  • SIEM XDR is a bundled Service with 7/24/365 SOC Based Security Operations Automation and Response - Extended Detection and Response (XDRaaS) – Includes VMaaS, RMaaS, MDRaaS, SIEM with SOC Based Monitoring and Response.
  • Outsourced Virtual CISO as a Service (vCISOaaS
  • Penetration Testing (External and Internal) Annual Certification Service (PENTaaS)
  • Phishing Simulation and employee Cyber-Awareness Training Online Platform as a service based on the NIST control standards (CATaaS)

As you know Hackers don’t have a 9 to 5 job! That is XDRaaS is designed especially so that our 24/7/365 (SOC) Security Operations Teams can globally detect and stop security threats and breach events in your systems around the clock before they happen!  

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