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Microsoft Cloud High Availability

Microsoft Cloud High Availability

System outages are no longer simply an inconvenience – they directly affect the bottom line through directly affecting revenue, productivity and the cost of recovery or indirectly through loss of reputation and confidence.

Unlike Disaster Recovery which is the process in which a company can recover and restore data, High Availability is a system design approach and associated service implementation which mitigates against the risk of unplanned downtime. MCS can help to ensure that the risk of unplanned downtime is minimised, by identifying a client’s critical line-of-business applications and databases, the availability requirements for each, and then designing an appropriate solution.

Availability is usually expressed as a percentage of uptime in a given year and whether your business requires 90 ("one nine"), or 36.5 days of unplanned downtime a year to 99.99999 ("seven nines"), which is only 3.15 seconds of unplanned downtime a year for the most critical systems. MCS have a wealth of experience in designing High Availability solutions to meet the specific requirements of organisations in offshore juridictions, particularly in the Caribbean which provides added challenges to availability through adverse weather and limited communication links.

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